From humble beginnings to worldwide model, actor and TV host, Amazon Eve has headlined in over 30 countries, been featured in 200+ newspapers and magazines, and has tens of millions of hits on her websites. As the world’s tallest model, she is going nowhere but up.

Raised in a small town in the central valley of California around cows, almonds, peaches and wine grapes, Eve didn’t have the typical life of a farm girl. Her father wanted her to follow in his footsteps as a scientist and conservationist and took her on frequent nature hikes. He also gave her a microscope and a chemistry set for her eighth birthday. She excelled in science, rhetoric and logic, yet preferred writing and theater—spending a good portion of her time in the 1990s on stage.

By the time she was fourteen and nearly 6 feet tall, Eve realized she wasn’t going to be average, and then she grew another nine inches! Her classmates were brutal and cruel teasing her for her lanky figure. She survived all that and went on to study Theater Arts and Business Management in college, and later studied law and exercise physiology.

Feeling alone and freakish, she worked in a law office for six years, hiding from the gawking eyes of… everyone. That all took it’s toll and Eve gained weight, complicating her self-image issues. So she decided to join a gym to lose weight, attempting to reach an optimum weight for a woman much shorter than herself. Later she became more realistic in her fitness approach and began to build a positive self-image about her body. She studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a personal trainer, focusing on realistic and powerful fitness.

A client changed Eve’s life forever—introducing her to the world of Amazons. These giants of feminine power brought Eve into a new career that eventually included tours around the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. While in Australia, she was discovered by the editor of Zoo Weekly who decided to feature her in the November 2009 edition, which sold off the racks and led to millions of video views around the world. This launched Eve into the limelight of international attention and catapulted her into her modeling work. In 2011 Amazon Eve was awarded the Guinness World Record for being the World’s Tallest Professional Model.

Along with her busy schedule of TV and print appearances, Eve is a champion for ending child abuse & neglect, and an advocate for LGBT rights and those who suffer from AIDS. In addition, Amazon Eve is exploring the cessation of global economic and environmental skullduggery. Eve walks her talk and lives for personal fitness, maintaining a rigorous program to keep herself in top shape.

“Accepting yourself at whatever shape nature has made you is the path to internal peace.”